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The Vinyl Ground is a Music, Film and Art project. Created by  Multidisciplinary, visual and sound Artist Jazz Milburn and permanent members of the project and band Cob Cockrill on Keys and

Nicky Anacin on Bass.

TVG craft eccentric post modern pop. Blending lush synth layers,rock'n beats, with classic songwriting, strong vocals and cinematic sound scapes.

 Jazz has written, produced and mixed The Vinyl Grounds original Art Pop sound and has made the  project's  music video's and artworks . LOSING MYSELF is the newest single just released 11/11/22 

Music. Sound. Film. Photography. Art 

New Music video



       NOW LIVE

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Introducing "LOSING MYSELF" (or I'll say ourselve's) over the Australian project THE VINYL GROUND's exclusive preview of this stunning extended, modern nostalgic romantic ballad. This jewel is the hope of the current underground music scene, rising with impact again with timelessness. From the first viewing, I can say one must not ignore this creative music video that was also completely created by the talented "self- made" singer/songwriter/producer/ director/film maker.  She's a bit of everything and more. This "Jazz Milburn" has done it all and is an absolute power house artist that everyone should know about already. If you have the privilege of even seeing this independent video in a saturated world of "un -original  yawn" trends. Well wake up cause this track was warm,inviting and .. can I honestly say SEXY, well too late, I just did.

It makes  me think of bohemian Paris all over again from my younger years with love and that once in a lifetime lover that got away that one still never forgets. Jazz's vocals are intriguingly unique, instantly recognisable, smokey and soulfully strong leading a beautifully composed composition of piano, guitar, drums, bass and the cinematic ambience into a soulfully satisfying full rounded experience of just WOW ! The only thing I want to complain about is.... I want more!


Michel Gravier

Entertainment Director


Gold Coast Australia 

The Vinyl Ground’s otherworldly path

The Vinyl Ground are continuing on a path of otherworldliness with their expressive new single and accompanying arthouse video clip ‘Losing Myself’. Fronted by recent Gold Coast native Jazz Milburn the track follows a romantic, lustrous storyline that is enhanced by Milburn’s yearning vocal and risqué visuals that switch tastefully between a live performance and a bedroom scene. Taken from a forthcoming album, The Vinyl Ground are keeping listeners guessing in the lead up to what is sure to be a wonderfully diverse selection of songs set for release early 2023.


Gold Coast Australia 

The Vinyl Ground’s Art-house Expression

The Vinyl Ground is an all-encompassing artistic project by Melbourne-turned-Gold Coast musician / film-maker Jazz Milburn. ’Drop On By’ is a unique expression of her Covid-19 lockdown experience taking the listener into fictional dream like state through its genre defying sound and art-house style accompanying video. Refreshingly different, The Vinyl Ground ’Drop On By’ is miles apart from anything else being released on the Gold Coast this month and well worth the experience.


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