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It's no longer on the low, The Vinyl Ground is officially now a live band on The Gold Coast. Expect to hear them live this summer with an expanding line up of band members to bring the full lush sonic sound to audiences.

Expect an artistic show with music, projected visuals and theatrics.

" It's all come together so quickly and everyone has just connected like puzzle pieces. It's sounding full and we can't wait to get out on the scene" says Jazz. "Stay tuned for some announcements we will be making very soon. We went along to the Gold Coast music awards 2021, it was so great to introduce ourselves as a fresh emerging band and to show our support of our creative industry and fellow musician community. To hear live music again felt like coming home after being away from it. We honestly cant wait to bring our experience to you. See you on a stage soon"


TVG have just dropped a surprise new Art house Music video. Its quirky,fun,gritty surrealism. Check the funky track out now LOVE ME TOO. Subscribe to the New Youtube Channel

The Vinyl Ground Official

AN ART Exhibition 
By Jazz Milburn

Milburn has now relocated herself to the Gold coast just recently from Melbourne. The Drop on By exhibition will be showcasing her new self made, produced and directed music video also other video art/sound and theatrical installation will be part of the experience including works all dedicated to lockdown. Jazz has also just announced a special surprise that she's kept on the low, she is also premiering her new music video "Losing Ourselves" at this exhibition, also having completely self produced filmed and edited the video as well as star in it. The new clip is dedicated to the loss of love and separation due to travel during these times.

Her powerfully themed exhibition dedicated to “Art is Essential is also dedicated to emotional well being and mental health” amongst the community. This theme is inspired for those affected by the experience of lockdown particularly in Melbourne's time with it .The main piece titled “Drop on By” has her filming, performing on camera and then doing all post production in solitary isolation. “I wanted to express my experience and my narrative was that.. "Art is essential“ says Milburn. “After losing my own creative studio in Melbourne due to restrictions which closed my doors, I really wanted to say how much this has hurt creatives like myself, we all took a huge hit”. Milburn has articulated a surreal dream like aesthetic with a retro arthouse/ eerie/ Sci fi vibe. "I wanted the concept to feature the polar opposites of essential and "non essential" workers in the main piece exhibited, also the other video art pieces exhibited are expressing narratives that anyone can relate to that had a hard time, but told in an experimental creative way ” says Milburn. “I think this is so important to discuss this openly and what a beautiful way to open the powerful subject (Art is essential) by turning the conversation back into art itself” Jazz also directs actors to her original, visual and sound narratives, jumping behind the camera to film and produce the other exhibited works. “This is a time that we will never forget and I felt I needed to document it in an artful way. To me I will always remember this as a science fiction like experience and a time we will never forget” 

The Vinyl Ground - NEW SINGLE 
"Drop On By" 
#MusicVideo #NewMusic #ArtPop 

TVG have dropped us an Audio Visual treat with a Music Video and single "Drop On By".


A feel good track with a darker meaning behind it. Fusing elements of reggae and electronic pop.

Milburn has the ability to infuse relevant hard hitting prose with an undeniable passion for the cinematic story.Then to add to the mix her lush Art Pop and Visual narration. This inspired and meaningful self produced film clip reinforces the powerful, context driven and important social story of the track.

What's next?
Music Video


Also stay tuned for The Vinyl Grounds upcoming music video "Losing Ourselves"



The official video is being premiered at Urban


Paradise Gallery in Surfers Paradise Australia


the DROP ON BY exhibition date has been


rescheduled due


to Queensland's sudden lockdown. Please stay


tuned for the new date to be announced.


The official online public launch date of "Losing

Ourselves" is to be announced soon. 

Post production has just been wrapped up by Jazz on this 7 min Green screen /Black and white clip. Featuring some of the band from Melbourne and starring herself and Shaun Hardy as lovers in this dreamy clip.

 The starring musicians in this clip are

Rob Clarke on piano

Hugo De Reland on bass

Sammy Allit on drums

Chris Pehrson on guitar. 

Recorded,Mixed, Filmed, Produced and Directed by Jazz herself.

Featuring Jones Roland and Shannon Stewart on Piano and Guitar.

Losing ourselves is a soulful,moody score with a nostalgic look back on a connection between two drifting creative souls. Release date TBA.

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